Favorite Images From 2011


Happy New Year one and all!

Although 2011 has come and gone, we thought we would share some of our favorite images from last year’s leg of our RTW – the ones that didn’t make it into the blog, but make both of us say, “I love that photo!”

The definition of serenity. Santorini is a magical place, where you can sail on azure seas beside a slumbering volcano.


Meet James’ friend “Choppers”. Without a doubt, the friendliest, ugliest animal we’ve encountered on the trip. (Second only to Terri’s donkey!) He was a fun pooch.


Museum piece that left us breathless. We visit countless museums, but when we found this horse with its intense young jockey in the Athens Archeological Museum, it was right up there with Sarcophagus of the Spouses.


The shy cane carver. The Saturday flea market in Athens is the definition of chaos and hidden gems. This talented wood worker wanted us to focus on his wares, not his face.


Architectural sense of humor. There’s nothing quite like coming around the corner in Barcelona and seeing a house completely covered in eyeballs!


Foodie delight! The new and unusual fresh produce we’ve sampled is astounding, and these ridged tomatoes in Rome came in second only to the Broccoli Romanesco.


A grim reminder. Our journey through Bosnia was a poignant reminder that war was very recent and took a heavy toll.


Sign that stopped us dead in our tracks. While wandering around our neighborhood we spied this sign on the side of a building – with children’s voices coming from inside! After much googling we discovered it’s a prestigious preschool here in Athens. Not sure about the name, but the kids must have fun saying it!

Peaceful New Year,
Terri and James


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