An Early Christmas Windfall for Newbie Bloggers

As most of you know, we are relatively new to the world of blogging. We started the Gallivance Blog just before our departure for our RTW trip. Our original motivations were, and continue to be, simple. The blog is a fun communication tool, and an online journal to document our trip as well as share our travel experiences with family, friends, and anyone else who is interested. After corporate careers loaded with serious, profit-driven writing, we were determined to keep the blog fun and informative with an easygoing style. And most of all, we weren’t going to obsess or be stressed over how many followers we had, or how many visitors saw it each day.

However, having said that, we take our writing seriously, and enjoy letting people know what we’re doing, relaying funny experiences, and giving a snapshot of interesting cultural differences. And admittedly, it’s fun to monitor the statistics from day to day to see what sort of things our readers find interesting … and there are always surprises. We call it the “eBay Factor”, which is the $20 set of wine glasses rocketing to $200 in the last two minutes of the auction, or the $150 backpack selling for $15. Well, yesterday we were hit by the eBay Factor, and had a spike in visits that surprised us big time.


Most days we tick along at 35-50 views, and we’re totally happy with this. Then two months ago, BOOM! out of nowhere comes a day with 138 views! It isn’t possible to do much analysis, but after a few drinks, we attributed this spike to posting twice on the same day (an accident of time zone miscalculation), having the word “Heaven” in the title of one post, and “Game of Thrones” in another post.

And now boys and girls, we set a new record yesterday…147 views! This was another complete surprise, and we’ve done a little thinking, and the consensus is the cause of the amazing uptick was twofold. First, our new friend Paola in Rome, put a link to our blog on her Facebook page, and a new visitor, Dr. Alf in the UK reposted one of our posts on his very successful blog. Each of these kind gestures were unexpected, and much appreciated.

After three months on the road and 82 posts, we’re still having a great time writing the blog, and hope that everyone is enjoying it. Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback.

Happy Trails,
James & Terri

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