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Christmas Quandary: Nutella to the Rescue


This morning dawned cold, windy, rainy, and raw. Luckily, we didn’t need to venture forth early so we didn’t. Between breaks in the rain, we went to the supermarket. It was warm, dry and quiet, so we decided to reconnoiter for Christmas goodies.

As we’ve discussed before, we’re dealing with limited cooking gear, and some ingredient issues. The bad news is that we can’t bake anything, which is a serious handicap at the holidays. The good news is that the dessert will involve Nutella …


…and a made-from-scratch pie crust. At this point, it’s looking like No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake. Suddenly, this deprivation is sounding better and better.

One of the ingredient issues is a language challenge. We were trying to determine if the baking chocolate did or didn’t have sugar. After finding a bag of sugar, we were trying to find the Greek word for “sugar” in the chocolate. Things went easier when we discovered that we had the sugar bag turned upside-down. Where’s Betty Crocker when you need her?

Happy Trails,
Nut and Nutella


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