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Christmas in a Lower Key


It’s December 15th, and here in Athens Christmas is celebrated, but in a lower key. The mood is subdued. With the economic crisis and the civil strife, everyone is in a holiday funk. But Christmas will go on anyway.


The city government has decided to make Christmas all about the kids, and asked for volunteers to decorate, perform, and donate their talents to make Christmas special, but not expensive. We think that’s great!


Of course, the department stores are decorated to the max, and the decorations are similar to those in the U.S., but also different at the same time. The trees are traditional, but the ornaments are a totally different set of characters – more of a fairy and carnival theme. Our neighborhood has a few lights, with more showing up every few days, but not nearly as many as you’d see in the US.

We’re planning our Christmas meal and treats, but it will be different for sure. Since we don’t have an oven there will be no baking of Christmas cookies. Terri is bummed, but plans to rally with no-bake goodies. Working around different ingredients and limited cooking gear will definitely change the menu. We’ll keep you posted.

Happy Trails,
James & Terri


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