Italy / Weird

Postcards from the Edge


There are all sorts of street performers around the tourist areas in Rome, and this group won our award for funniest and most original. When someone dropped a coin in their cup, they all laughed like maniacs, drank from their bottles, and the guy with the paddle slapped himself and his neighbor on the head. Classic!

This photo of the hand-carved motorcycle doesn’t need much explanation. My only thought was how much time and talent it must have taken to carve.


Tile mosaic floors were an artistic addition to most Roman baths. This mosaic is in Ostia Antica, the ancient port city for the Roman Empire. The floor is in the Baths of the Cartdrivers, and shows two of their favorite mules, Pudes and Barosus, which translates to Modest and Silly. This proves that even Romans gave their animals dumb names.


As you might imagine, Pinocchio is all over the place in Italy. Most of us probably grew up with the childhood story, but did you know that his name in Italian means “pinecone”?


And finally, on my trip to Ostia Antica I discovered the first of the Vance family line, Reclinus Maximus. Now I know where I get it.

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