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Getting Around in Florence


As cities go, Florence is a pretty manageable size. It’s a walker’s paradise, though you do have watch your step (for a variety of reasons)! Consequently, good shoes are mandatory … and nobody does shoes like the Italians, or displays them better!

The next preferred transport methods are bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. They’re simple to park and easy on the gas budget. Petrol here in Italy now costs over $8.00 per gallon. Yikes! Makes our gas in the USA look downright cheap, doesn’t it?


If you’ve just got to have a car, but want the easiest to park and fuel, then one of these tiny electric cars may be just the thing.


Even the size of delivery trucks and buses is scaled way back. This approach to transport isn’t seen too often in the US, and it’s great to know that alternatives do work.



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