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A Tale of Two Pots



One of the reasons that we travel is to experience new things, and if you’ve traveled much, you know as we do that some new experiences are good, and some aren’t. This post covers a couple of interesting firsts for us.

A Round Peg in a Square Hole

Our studio in Ljubljana has worked out really well for us. It’s modern, clean, in a great location, and has everything we need. Also, it has a really cool bathroom. It’s very contemporary, and looks neat with lots of tile, slick chrome, frosted glass door, rain shower head, and ultra-modern hardware. However, it has one thing that has taken a bit of adjustment … it has a square toilet.

Maybe the designers think that we are evolving to have a slightly different shape in the rear, but for us non-evolved humans, the fit just isn’t quite right.

Flash Gordon Cooktop

Usually studio rentals include a small cooking area with a sink, countertop, fridge, and a 2 burner cooktop. Instead of the normal cooktop, this apartment has a nifty gadget that isn’t new technology, but is certainly new for us, and it’s called an induction cooker. We’re talking better living through science people.

Basically, these cookers have a copper coil below the glass top which produces (or more precisely, induces) a magnetic field in the pot, and this magnetic field makes the pot get hot. This process is much more efficient that normal electric cookers, and amazingly when you lift the pot off the surface, the heat stops. Just when you think you’ve see it all!

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