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Falling for Ljubljana


I’ve always been a Four-Seasons-Kinda Girl. I’m not talking about hotels or restaurants, but rather the changing of the seasons. And I love each and every one of them for entirely different reasons. So when we emerged from war-torn Bosnia to lovely Ljubljana, my heart soared. It was Fall.

Fall has always been one of my personal faves, and as my sister Susan reminded me, it was our Dad’s favorite, too. As kids, he would take us out “gleaning” in nature to find treasures to decorate the house for Fall. He taught us how to search along fence rows for bittersweet, wade just to the edge of ditches to reach some prime cattails, and pull miles of grapevines from trees and bushes. Once we had gathered all the ingredients, we went home to get creative. We would form grapevine wreaths in an old washtub, decorate them with bittersweet and cattails, and deck the halls.

So now whenever I hear George Winston’s Autumn CD or Willie Nelson’s September Song I just smile. Thanks Dad.

In Ljubljana, Autumn is in its full glory. It looks a lot like home. Japanese Maples are burnished copper, maples are golden yellow, and the Virginia Creeper (I bet they don’t call it that here) is covering houses in crimson blankets.



I spied a few mystery plants that I don’t recognize, so I’m hoping you gardeners out there can help me identify these dainty white flowers and gorgeous purple berries.




3 thoughts on “Falling for Ljubljana

  1. I think those red berries could be a plant we Slovenians call šipek (Rosa canina). My dictionary suggest me its English name is Dog rose or Rose hip.

      • I’m glad I found your blog. I like it a lot! 🙂
        You’re welcome! I just hope, I’m not wrong as I am no gardener nor biologist. If those are the berries I think they are, then they are used for making tea.

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