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Ljubljana: Bikes and Consonants Have Taken Over


Bike mail

Eastern European place names generally fall into the “could I buy a vowel” category. Our approach has been to write the name of the street or place we want to visit on a piece of paper for ticket sellers or taxi drivers.

For instance, our hotel is on Trzaska cesta. Try that one on a taxi driver. And in case anyone asks (like that’s going to happen), Ljubljana is pronounced: Loob-lee-ah-nah. If you can’t pronounce these names, believe me, you are not alone.

One thing we noticed immediately about Ljubljana, like many other places in Europe, is how bike friendly it is. Even the postman delivers mail on a bike.

I was also pleased to see that they, like Barcelona, have a bike loaner program. And what is even neater about the program here is that tourists are encouraged to participate, which I will definitely be doing when things dry up.

Happy Trails,






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