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The Sarajevo Stroll


In many places in Europe, Saturdays are special. Unlike the US where everyone flocks to the mall, in places like Sarajevo they flock downtown, but not just for shopping. Don’t get me wrong, shopping is a big part of it, but it is also about socializing, showing off your best clothes or your new baby, walking the dog, or just seeing and being seen.

Old couples walk arm-in-arm, groups of teenagers try to act cool, and street vendors hawk umbrellas on a rainy day. The cafes are packed and window seats are a very serious commodity. We were right out there with everyone else, and it was special for us as well.


We love to sample the local food, and discovered a wonderful pastry called burek. It’s made with spiced, minced meat wrapped in phyllo dough, then wound into a coil and baked. It was still warm from the oven, and we should have bought two.

IMG_2416 - Version 2

This sign caught our attention. Look on the lower right and decide which one you are.

Those of you who have travelled abroad know that, say what you want about McDonalds, it’s a great place to go to the bathroom. This is why we stopped, and needing a break, we caved in and had a cappuccino. McDonalds would have you believe that all their drinks look like this, but I like to think that this is what you get when you flirt with the barista and comment on how good her English is. Try that at the mall!

Happy Trails,


Photo Credit:
1. By Modzzak via Wikimedia Commons

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