I’ll Take Barcelona Odds and Ends For 500 Alex


Today is our last day in Barcelona and I was looking over the photos that we have taken. I came up with a few interesting ones that don’t really justify a whole post, but they are fun nonetheless. So here goes. 20111011-111432.jpg

I snapped this photo in a small park off the beaten path in the middle of what appeared to be a normal neighborhood, as opposed to the tourist track. There was a small, fenced community garden that seemed to be a little beyond its prime. This sign, posted on the gate roughly translates: “This garden is watched over very lovingly by the Mafia, and is very dangerous.” A joke or for real, who knows, but the garden was unmolested. This guy has a great idea for a low-overhead business. Take two sticks, a long piece of string, and a bucket of soapy water…and you are in the Big Bubble Business!


The toy department in El Corte Ingles was the location for the final photo. This is a near-life-size model of Darth Vader totally constructed with Legos. All of you out there who have bought Legos know that if I had grabbed Darth and made it out the door, I probably could have paid for our whole trip.

Happy Trails,

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